24/7 Support near Wilmington, NC

See why other Wimington businesses trust our network support team for all their IT needs

At Professional Computer Associates, we support teams of 5-50 computers who need fast, secure 24-7 service. Our clients include dentists, attorneys, doctors, corporate offices, and small business owners who trust our services. They know that at Professional Computer Associates, they receive:

  • Zero network downtime
  • Data backup cloud services
  • Cybersecurity and threat protection
  • Full-service Business VoIP Phone Installation & Management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Workstation Installation, Maintenance, & Repair
  • Friendly 24-7 help desk

Zero Downtime

Your clients don’t stop needing you, so we don’t stop providing you service. We provide network support around the clock. We are continuously backing up your data to the cloud, scanning for threats, and here to answer your questions if you need us.

Data Backup Cloud Services

All of your data is continuously backed up to the cloud. Easily access files, download information, and restore lost data.

Cyber Security & Threat Protection

Our systems are vigilantly scanning your network to prevent hackers, spyware, and malware. 

VoIP Phone Services

Enjoy cloud-based digital phone services; make calls with your company telephone number from your tablet, PC, or smartphone. There’s no expensive maintenance, as there is with traditional PBX box landline hardware. VoIP makes the cost of ownership incredibly low. 

Disaster Recovery

Computer crashes happen, but that doesn’t have to mean you’ve lost your data. With our data backup services, your data is being continuously backed up to the cloud. Work with peace of mind knowing you have full data recovery options. 

Workstation Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

You’ll save costs when you don’t have to hire a separate in-house IT team. We’ll be there to set up new workers, repair work stations that need servicing, and maintain your systems. We won’t keep you waiting; we provide fast, friendly service because we know that your time is money.

Friendly 24-7 Service

We’re available around the clock to support your network and answer any questions. We keep indexed logs for critical IT support so our workers can see in real-time what’s happened with your system recently. We provide support for Apple, Microsoft, and Linux. Our technicians know how to explain things in terms you can understand and walk you through the process step-by-step. 

Our Professional Clients:

Medical Professionals and Lawyers

We know that you handle trusted confidential data. We assure you that your data is 100% secure and backed up on the cloud for easy retrieval. Never lose case files or client data again. Be prepared for tax filing season with seamless file storage.


You’ll finally face state compliance audits confidently, knowing your data is backed up and all files are easily accessed. Never lose files again. Manage, monitor, and maintain your IT infrastructure; no more frustrating fragmentation within your system. Enjoy file sharing easily between employees when all your work is backed up to the cloud. 

Corporate Offices

Our system is fully prepared to handle your extensive network. Enjoy easy access to a 24-7 support team for each employee; no more fielding calls each time an employee has a technology challenge. Hold conference calls with ease on our VoIP system from any device.

Small Business Owners

Receive full-scale personalized service at any hour. We know you work hard, so we work hard for you. We provide prompt IT support, workstation maintenance and installation, VoIP, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and zero downtime. We treat our small business owners like the esteemed professionals they are. 
Contact us today to talk about your 24/7 support needs,  Phone: (910) 805-8882