Professional Services

Medical offices, law firms, accountants, financial advisors, veterinarians, appraisers all have one thing in common … the amount of personal and financial data they have on their clients and customers. Whether it is legal names, addresses, social security numbers, insurance or bank account information, this is a treasure trove of details earning hackers thousands on the dark web and costing your company tens of thousands if they are compromised.

To ensure your company’s data is secure you should start by begining to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • When was the last time each computer in your company and your network ran updates?
  • When was the last time your server was backed up? How often does that happen? Are you positive the data saved?
  • Do you have policies on your equipment which limit what information individual employees can access or download?
  • How often are employees required to change their passwords? Are they require dual authentication?
  • If employees are working remotely, are they using their own devices? How are they accessing the network?
  • Are your employee passwords already for sale on the dark web? Would you know if that changed?

If you are hacked and do not have the answers to these important questions and your company is breached you could be held liable. Worse than the monetary cost, notifying your customers could cost your business it’s reputation making it impossible to recover.

Professional Computer Associates has experience in dealing with the most stringent compliance requirements of the health, legal and financial industries. Our staff checks your backup data EVERY DAY to ensure it is saved in event of a natural disaster or emergency. We ensure updates are done on ALL equipment to ensure it is in compliance. We can check the dark web for all information regarding your business and ensure if there is compromise you are notified to change passwords immediately. We ensure proper policies are in place to limit access to data employees shouldn’t have access to or their ability to download it to a personal device to ensure it’s security. And we offer employee training to help staff identify malicious emails and files to help with the most important security risk…. human error.

“Always a pleasure to work with (with PCA). (They) found the perfect application, installed it and gave a brief tutorial on how to use it. I appreciate the time, expertise and very pleasant and professional manner. Thank you.” – Renee Randone, Sholes & Miller Attorneys at Law

“Jim was all over this matter. The man called me from the doctor’s office! Can you believe that? Within an hour or two, Jim found out that Gmail changed its security protocols and took the necessary steps to correct the situation. I felt bad for having to call the emergency line. Unfortunately, it was necessary under the circumstances. The good thing was that I got to talk to Jim which I haven’t done in quite some time.” – Erica Guerin, The Law Office of Erica Guerin

“Thank you for figuring out the problem and resolving it. Always comfortable to work with PCA and Austin this time to resolve challenges. Also provides opportunity to learn and work through simple issues in the future. Thank you.” – Joan Whitman, Acadia HR

“Robert did a very good job helping us with engagement and with the scans folder. It nice to see that a tech takes the time to see the problem all the way through.” Anthony Buzzeo, Anthony Buzzeo, CPA

“I am very pleased with the service provided to resolve my computer issue. Your team worked together and kept me in the loop the entire time. Great job! Hope to not need you too often, but I know if I do that things will be handled expertly.”- Gregory Massarone, Emergency One Urgent Care